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Our recent kernel problem
What actually happened?

An update to the MX-18.3 default kernel (4.19) was released that lacked the ability to rebuild various significant kernel modules such as nvidia, virtualbox, broadcom, and a few others. We normally push upgrades within a kernel series in order to keep pace with security measures, as we did here. The upgraded kernel was tested before release but the problem did not show up. In general, the problem has been very irregular in users affected and in effects it causes.
How did we respond?

It took us a while to figure out exactly what was happening, since the early reports differed greatly. Our first step was to try to get information to at least some users through announcements on the Forum, Facebook and Twitter. We know those do not reach everybody, of course, but it’s a start. We then took down the kernel update, which will disappear from re... show more