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Yay! Embarrasing for an association that promotes #federation, our main #social platform #Friendica had a break down in federation that was not realized for some time.

The issue was something related to #MySQL configuration which for some unknown reason became incompatible a few weeks ago. Furious hours long debug sessions finally made things work better and we're federating again ✌

Extremely sorry about that for any users of this server.

Does Friendica include a health check endpoint for monitoring?

The site itself has been fine, incoming posts too, just outgoing was not working. Not sure about health check for different metrics, but @zauberstuhl is currently hard at work in adding Friendica worker queue counts to our prometheus monitoring, to avoid this happening again :)


What exactly had you changed? Possibly it is something that can be improved on our docker image. Pinging @Philipp Holzer for that ;-)

This was not related to Docker, on neither Friendica or Mysql side. The issue was some earlier tweaks made to MySQL config to make Friendica work which for some reason didn't work any more (see op). Difficult to really pinpoint the issue so exactly that we could provide something upstream. For sure if we find something to give back we will :)