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Feneas and SocialHub

We recently reached out to the admins to talk about helping to run the #forum in exchange for expanding the scope to better fit our focus, ie #federated web more in general than just #ActivityPub (even though it's a big focus atm for everyone).

If you don't know what #SocialHub is; it's a #Discourse forum for ActivityPub discussion, mostly so far focusing on #Pixelfed, #Prismo, #Funkwhale and #Anfora projects. The current admins want to pass the maintenance on due to time constraints.

There has been some heated debate whether #Feneas is the right organization to host this community. If you want to contribute to the discussion, to give your thoughts pro/against, please feel free to do so:

We're in the process of writing a #FOSS manifesto partially in response to the concerns noted in this discussion.

If this doesn't work out, we'll need to ponder whether we then want to run a separate Discourse instance or do we just ditch the idea of a generic federated web forum for now.