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Matrix [-] Telegram bridge

We're now hosting a bridge between our #Matrix server and #Telegram.

While due to the way the bridging works, some advanced functionality like read receipts and typing notifications is only available for users on the #Feneas homeserver, most of the functionality is available to any Matrix user in the wide network. By hosting a public bridge we hope to help a bit with the weight #t2bot is currently pulling.

More information and usage instructions in our forum:

is there already existing public Telegram group (related to fediverse) which is bridged to matrix ?

Not known to us at least!

We've not yet created a counterpart to our chat room on the Telegram side, mainly as no one has asked for it. Would that be useful?

We've started a poll in the room to see what people think, will let you know 👍

There was more in terms of discussion than votes. The votes we're 3 for, 1 against (see!$ + 1 vote in comments for).

The discussion was more intensive than the voting. I'll submit to the committee to make the final decision.

Hey we did it! You can now join at - see you in the chat :)