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From the latest #Matrix Synapse 0.99.5rc1 release notes:

> Add experimental support for relations (aka reactions and edits).

This is going to be so huge <3 Finally reactions and edits coming in, the only things I miss from #Slack.

I suppose "reactions" is not as simple as an "in reply to" quotation thing? Could you elaborate what it is? :-) Have no experience with Slack whatsoever.
But yeah, anxiously awaiting the .deb package for each new synapse build!

I believe it's relatively the same kind of thing, defining a `m.relates_to` for room messages, which then have 3 types: annotations (likes, etc), replacements (edits) and references (replies).


Thanks for the explanation, Jason. Sounds like they (Matrix team) have a pretty good plan there to get the most out of room messaging!

@Jason Robinson @Peter Schlager To explain further, 'reactions' usually means 'likes, but with arbitrary emoji'.

The original comment might get five thumbs up, three hearts and one terrified face, and each emoji would show once, directly by the comment, with a counter for how many had that reaction.