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The Fediverse - A decision-making aid

There are four different protocols the #ActivitiPub, #Diaspora and #
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Hubzilla can communicate with Friendica and Pleroma, resulting in a reach of 44,000 members.

Hubzilla talks fine with Mastodon, as you say yourself above:
Mastodon can communicate with Pleroma, Hubzilla and Friendica so that results in 4.044.00 (sic.) users.

So that should give a total reach of 4.044.000 for Hubzilla too. I've also successfully connected to PeerTube and instances with Hubzilla, and I expect the same is true for Mastodon, Pleroma and Friendica too. Probably doesn't make that much of a difference on the total count yet, but is a good indication that things are moving in the right direction.

Nitpicking: Mastodon is a software, not a network (the network is the fediverse)

> Hubzilla can communicate with Friendica and Pleroma, resulting in a reach of 44,000 members.

Hubzilla does not communicate 2-ways with Mastodon anymore ? Did something break ?

What part of ActivityPub supported by and for Pleroma, it does not support for Mastodon ?

Did Hubzilla drop support of Diaspora? About 6 months or so ago, they were warning that it might finally need to happen.

I think I heard such discussions years ago as well. I think Hubzilla is more about it's own protocol and it's very unique abilities instead of being a hub between the different networks.

Nope, federating with diaspora works just fine, provided both your admin and your channel has enabled it.

@Federated Networks Association @Michael Vogel @alysonsee (Fca)

Privacy, permissions, and online safety are way more important than reach, as has been made perfectly clear in the last several months.

Hubzilla provides federation with ActivityPub, Diaspora, Zot, and OStatus. The OP is lax in their fact checking. By default Hubzilla uses Zot which is years ahead of ActivityPub in these online safety areas. I think a decision was made to prefer safety to popularity and attempt to keep people safe by default. You lose this safety when you federate with projects that don't have the same value system.

Zap is Zot only and IMO currently provides the best online safety, precisely because it does not federate. My goal is to bring these capabilities to Osada and therefore ActivityPub, if I am able.