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Many people have asked where the members of # are physically located. Now you can see! Our membership portal now features a map indicating the country where members are at.

The association is registered in Finland, but the the countries with the most members is Germany (8), France (7) and then Finland with 6. Globally, Europe has clearly the most members, 32. North America has 3, Asia 3 and the Middle-East 1.

Want to put yourself on the map and support our mission to further the # web? Join now.

Ps. We also accept Patreon and DonorBox supporters. All proceeds go into running the services we provide.

Due to some networking changes some old sessions of # are failing to connect to the # # homeserver.

If this happens to you, please try logging out and logging back in, which has proven to help for many of our users. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Post-mortem on our partial service outage.

In January we started moving to a new # based setup. During or immediately after # we managed to move over almost all of our services from the old # 1.x based setup. Three services remained - #, # and the association homepage.

Today 17th March approx 11am UTC the Matrix server, our # and the homepage went offline due to the LetsEncrypt certificate expiring. Normally this certificate would have auto-renewed, but t... show more
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FYI some # services are down at the moment due to cert issues, sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi friends, I have been working on my Project "Privacy Base" for some time now. My vision is to publically provide data protection documents and templates for your application hosting and processing initiatives and so help you application hosters to more easily get into this dry stuff.

You can reach this initiative from

For now there is just information for Pleroma and Mastodon hosters. Templates exist for the data privacy statement and next will be the records of processing activities, both are a must have for hosters.

In time I will expand this knowledge base. If you want to contact me, I'm most available here on the Fediverse.

If you like, please share this information.

# # # #

We've managed to now recover our bridge with # `#feneas` channel from our main chat room `` on # side, thanks for the bridging crew for help 🤗

Come chat with us about anything #

Ps. You can also join via # by joining ``and # via

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What is the recommended Message Relay configuration to receive tags from every fediverse? Relay server / Relay scope / Server tags?
# # #

Ok fediverse, quick question about code.
You know how Facebook, Twitter, etc has these "share to our stupid, centralized social media site" buttons. Could something like that exist for #, #, etc? Or even a button that could just share using activitypub so that it would show up everywhere?

Or does this already exist and I'm such a bonehead that I didn't know it?

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For Mastodon, GNU Social and Diaspora such button exist already, see for example

You can install an activity pub plugin on Wordpress, and Writefreely automatically does that, well you need to subscribe but it has the ability built in I am sure someone can give a more detailed answer.

hope this helps

Membership of # (Federated Networks Association) is 1 Euro per month, which works out as about US per year, (or NZ). I'm going to join, and if you are a software creator or activist working towards federated replacements for any centralized digital technologies, I encourage you to consider doing the same:

⚠️ # v3.1.2 is out with an important security fix:

Likewise, v3.0.2 and v2.9.4 have been released to port this fix to older versions.

# update! 😀

We're planning to implement in both # and #. Still waiting to finalize funding details with NLNet.

Implementation of author-hosted tickets in Vervis is in progress, and so is OAuth2. Next will come patches/MRs, and then we can finally release that Draft 1 along with a demo.

We're looking into making better docs, maybe a talk too. Would you prefer to read, or to see/hear me explaining? 😋


Attention # sysadmins! A new release with some security fixes will drop on Thursday, prepare to upgrade -- we'll release 2.9.x, 3.0.x, and 3.1.x versions to make sure you have the easiest time upgrading for this.

`Ramping up # work.

✅ Contributor's Guide Written
✅ Workflow for writers set up
✅ Metadata for categories and tags properly structured
✅ Spam problem resolved

Now it's just a matter of getting people set up! And also fixing the site's layout for new types of articles.

Yay! We've been accepted into Google Summer of Code as an organisation again this year - calling all students: if you have a free summer and want to help build Matrix get thinking of proposals! # #

Funkwhale is building support for Artists and Podcasts


p class="has-drop-cap">Funkwhale has taken off in popularity in recent months, touting a web-based music platform with cloud storage and an open API for clients. Although it already offers ActivityPub support for federating music collections between multiple in
... show more

We've improved our home page a bit, raising the # we host to a more central role. Go check them out!

Speaking of services, we've recently added # to our # stack. Collabora allows real-time collaboration on rich-text documents, replacing the need for things like # Docs. Our Nextcloud stack is only available for members, but any shared documents can be edited online by guests as well.

If you are interested in membership, check out the memberships page.

# # # #

There is a # issue for # federation in # but the devs want feedback before adding # # support:

1. Who wants this feature? Personal gitea user / Companies with private gitea / Git hosting website via gitea or others?

2. Why they need this feature?

3. How they want to use this feature?

Maybe you can help them and provide the answers.

Cleaned up spam and fixed up internal data stuff for #. Hopefully, I'll be able to start posting new articles as early as this week!

Special thanks for help from @feneas for patching our federation plugin to help mitigate the federated spam issue.