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You can now watch the ActivityPub Conf talks on PeerTube!

The world's first conference for ActivityPub took place in Prague back in September this year. Billed itself as "A conference about the present and future of ActivityPub, the world’s leading federated social web standard", this served as a golden opportunity for im
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Hey all,

A while ago, my publication, #WeDistribute, got picked up by Feneas, and now serves as the organization's official publication.

This is all well and good: I get to keep writing articles, and figure out how to turn this whole thing into something more than a one-man project.

The writing team is still very small right now, and I'm putting together guidelines for contributing. I would love nothing more than to see other people who are passionate about the fediverse and decentralized communication tech come on board to help provide news coverage, tutorials, technical explainers, interviews, and editorials.

If you think you're up for the challenge, please apply here:

I'd like to welcome @nightpool as co-chair of the W3C Social Web Community Group, along with myself and @aaronpk!

It's been obvious that we needed more help for some time. @nightpool has consistently been a positive participant in the group and I'm happy to have them help us in community organization and governance.


FediConf 2020 voting for dates

#FediConf 2020 will be a #conference dedicated to all kinds of #federated projects, happening for the first time in #Barcelona next year. The organizers have a vote open for possible dates, to find a time most suitable for as many people as possible.

Check out the poll here, and for discussion regarding FediConf see here. You can also follow @FediConf on the #fediverse.

#federation #community

if there were a bunch of people who wanted to educate tech journalists about the fediverse (or free code software in general), that might be something that could be done as a project of
@feneas . Their current volunteers are up to their arse in alligators, but they tell me the org could do many more things if people volunteered to do them.


#Joindiaspora and #Feneas

I guess most of the JD users already saw the label on the left sidebar
talking about moving JD to a public organization. Well tonight its finally done!

Feneas agree
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Hello everyone! The demo is here :)

Vervis Demo 3 - Push Activities and Repo Following

Have fun!


(I'll be updating the spec, and after that I'll probably take a little break before the next step: Federated merge requests)

For those who haven't seen, is live!

It's a forum to discuss ActivityPub implementation, hosting, community building, etc.

Hello people! You may have noticed that @apconf is now online, and *some* of the videos have started to appear!

So far:
- @mlemweb's introduction to the conference
- My keynote:
"ActivityPub: past, present, future"
- Mark Miller's keynote: “Architectures of Robust Openness”

More are coming... the server is working away at making them available :)

Thanks everyone who attended our (slightly postponed) Summer Annual General Meeting! Good discussion. For notes, logs and audio recording, see our forum:


According to the #fediverse has crossed 3 million registered users (and this is excluding Gab)

On my #Friendica node ...

Federation statistics

This page offers statistics about the federated social network, of which your Friendica node is one part. These numbers do not represent the entire network, but merely the parts that are connected to your node."

Currently, this node is aware of 4295 nodes with 2294260 registered users from the following platforms:

    Friendica (357/4564)
    diaspora (269/749436)
    red (4/44)
    hubzilla (271/10226)
    GNU Social (100/829)
    StatusNet (9/82)
    Mastodon (2676/1499764)
    pleroma (603/28083)
    socialhome (5/1190)
    ganggo (1/42)

Got some beautiful #stickers and thingies 😃 Feneas pin has already found its home on my backpack 🎒 Thank you, #Feneas and #Socialhome

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Re #ServiceInfo, latest updates in the #Feneas forum:

#fediverse #federation #nodeinfo
There is a PR with a lot of modifications, including name change to ServiceInfo.

I will be additionally doing the discovery changes discussed above tomorrow. Then I hope to produce a single HTML document for the spec instead of two separate markdown docs. After that, will be pushing for discussion to various places like project issue trackers and the W3C SocialCG group.

Feedback welcome.

you should use RDF (encoded in JSON-LD) to expose metadata if you want your spec to be scalable and to reuse existing tools...

I think its more about unifying statistic rather then making them more complex.

You can't positively know today the statistics of tomorrow. Hence the need for extensibility achieved by #RDF (the same that #activitystreams for instance).

(for some reason didn't get these replies on Socialhome 🤔 - so replying via this account)

I did think about this, contemplating making the document JSON-LD. I felt though that this would introduce unnecessary complexity into the spec and frighten away those projects who don't currently deal with JSON-LD at all (ie non-ActivityPub projects).

However, lately I've been thinking that it would make sense to do still, for the extensibility. These comments here reinforce that thought, so thanks for raising. I'll mirror these comments on the forum thread and propose JSON-LD serialization in the next draft.

My experience with RDF is rather limited (from AP world only), so comments on the draft would be very welcome once incorporated.

Note, to those going to cry "oh no please don't" - JSON-LD can be treated as pure JSON if one wants to. That is what I do with ActivityPub :) But I do agree it's a nice thing to have on top for future proofing the specification.

> (for some reason didn't get these replies on Socialhome 🤔 - so replying via this account)

Oh, of course. Socialhome does not yet speak AP :D


Chat bridge across to Telegram

As per request from a community member, we've bridged our main chat room (` on #Matrix and `#feneas` on #Freenode) over to #Telegram. You'll find it at

Before deciding to do this, we had a [vote](!$ which passed 3 in favour, 1 against. There was enthusiastic discussion about this. Some people had concerns over promoting centralized services, however many people saw the benefits of enabling people on the centralized services to get involved on the #... show more

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