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hi all, just a drive by comment to mention #ForgeFed, which is speccing out Version Control System vocabulary on top of #ActivityPub.

I think ActivityPub is a great start to #decentralize/#redecentralize, but getting deep into collaborating on the same works is going to require more extension. forgefed has high potential in to advance our ability to work together.


FOSS manifesto

To make it clearer on what our relationship as an organization is to FOSS (Free and Open Source Software), we recently created a "FOSS manifesto" to act as an additional guiding document for our committee and members. Any decisions, actions or spending of funds should align to not only the association rules but also the FOSS manifesto as well.

Read the full document.

#feneas #foss #opensource #manifesto


Pleroma Hosting on Raspberry Pi

> Would you like to be your own social network provider? I just wanted to try something new. After looking at Friendica and the PHP based Hubzilla (and its successor Zap) I thought I'd try Pleroma.

#pleroma #fediverse #raspberrypi #howto

🤯 €10 000 pledged in 24 hours for #Mobilizon 🤯 !
Thank you for your trust 💖 !
Keep on sharing to raise awareness among acitvists all around you.


diaspora* version released!

As scheduled, a new minor release is now released. Over the past twelve weeks, we have managed to collect 58 commits made by 7 contributors for this minor release.

A huge thanks to all the contributors from diaspora*'s amazing community! If you want to help make diaspora* even better, please
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There's a French version of at:

It's still a work in progress, the maintainer's contact details are on the site if you have feedback.


Code of Conduct

Due to request, we now have a (very simple) code of conduct which we expect nodes to respect if they want to be listed on the site. We took this action after having been reported a listed site for an organization that openly promotes hatred and racism.

Please report any violations you find to
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I wrote a review of federated blogging software I can't hyperlink the review directly but here's the general page:

Anyway I highly recommend it! It's been great for @365-rfcs

Deliciously light, with creamy theme inside.
Will not #meltdown like chocolate (and other unreliable things). Set up your node now.
Friendica - your yummy personal network! / source

#friendica #fediverse


Hubzilla 4.0.3 Released!

  • Add attachments to zot6 event objects
  • Add zot6 to federated transports
  • Update import/export to handle zot6 hublocs and xchans
  • Update fix_system_urls() to handle zot6 hublocs
  • Fix infinite loop using postgres as backend
  • Fix magic auth in combination with zot6
  • Fix check for required PHP version
  • Diaspora: favour diaspora protocol identities over others with same hubloc or xchan address
!Hubzilla Support Forum


Feneas infrastrure overview

We want to be fully transparent where the money we receive goes to. We already post monthly financial statements indicating each € spent. Now we'll also start publishing our infra overview indicating what kind of machinery runs the Feneas services.


Interested in our services? Check out this page:

#feneas #infra

Here are the full details on our open developer position:

We're looking for #Go developers, but welcome anyone with similar web development skills to apply! There's plenty to be done around #WriteFreely, and lots of opportunity to learn Go, if you're interested.

Apply here:

#hiring #FOSS #job #jobs #golang


We have discovered and addressed a security breach - Matrix

If you have ever had an account on the server, please reset the password and also any other sites passwords if you used the same password elsewhere.

More details by the team to follow.

#security #infosec #matrix is an extremely lightweight single user blogging system which is ActivityPub compatible:

You can see the code at:

It's still in alpha testing and not recommended for self-hosting yet, but thought some of you may be interested in following the project.

#ActivityPub #Fediverse #Microblogging

If you want to have a Medium-style text-based blog that people can follow on the ActivityPub Fediverse, you might want to try these:


Write Freely

You can either join an existing instance, or set up your own.

They federate with ActivityPub-based networks such as Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendica etc. so you can follow their blogs the same way you would follow a person.

#Medium #Blogs #Blogging #ActivityPub #Fediverse #Plume #WriteFreely

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What do you think of this Pixelfed t-shirt design ? 🤔 Would you buy it ? (Revenues will go to an association, probably @feneas )
(I'll add a poll in the thread)