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Got some beautiful #stickers and thingies 😃 Feneas pin has already found its home on my backpack 🎒 Thank you, #Feneas and #Socialhome

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Re #ServiceInfo, latest updates in the #Feneas forum:

#fediverse #federation #nodeinfo
There is a PR with a lot of modifications, including name change to ServiceInfo.

I will be additionally doing the discovery changes discussed above tomorrow. Then I hope to produce a single HTML document for the spec instead of two separate markdown docs. After that, will be pushing for discussion to various places like project issue trackers and the W3C SocialCG group.

Feedback welcome.

you should use RDF (encoded in JSON-LD) to expose metadata if you want your spec to be scalable and to reuse existing tools...

I think its more about unifying statistic rather then making them more complex.

You can't positively know today the statistics of tomorrow. Hence the need for extensibility achieved by #RDF (the same that #activitystreams for instance).

(for some reason didn't get these replies on Socialhome 🤔 - so replying via this account)

I did think about this, contemplating making the document JSON-LD. I felt though that this would introduce unnecessary complexity into the spec and frighten away those projects who don't currently deal with JSON-LD at all (ie non-ActivityPub projects).

However, lately I've been thinking that it would make sense to do still, for the extensibility. These comments here reinforce that thought, so thanks for raising. I'll mirror these comments on the forum thread and propose JSON-LD serialization in the next draft.

My experience with RDF is rather limited (from AP world only), so comments on the draft would be very welcome once incorporated.

Note, to those going to cry "oh no please don't" - JSON-LD can be treated as pure JSON if one wants to. That is what I do with ActivityPub :) But I do agree it's a nice thing to have on top for future proofing the specification.

> (for some reason didn't get these replies on Socialhome 🤔 - so replying via this account)

Oh, of course. Socialhome does not yet speak AP :D


Chat bridge across to Telegram

As per request from a community member, we've bridged our main chat room (` on #Matrix and `#feneas` on #Freenode) over to #Telegram. You'll find it at

Before deciding to do this, we had a [vote](!$ which passed 3 in favour, 1 against. There was enthusiastic discussion about this. Some people had concerns over promoting centralized services, however many people saw the benefits of enabling people on the centralized services to get involved on the #... show more

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I'm so excited to present my work on #Fediverse-wide hashtag federation, search, and subscription at #ActivityPubConf.

The recording will be available later, but if you're interested in enabling a global consistent view on hashtags, know stuff about DHTs or #ActivityPub relays, you can have a look at the paper:

Please contact me about any questions, remarks or other feedback!

So here's a TL;DR:

Today I decided to automate and expand my open source and fediverse software funding to my favorite and most used projects. Every little bit helps. #foss #fediverse #linux

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An organization committed to open source and libre software advocacy and funding

You may want to look at Liberapay as well (it's FOSS too!)


September Annual General Meeting

As per the rules of the Federated Networks Association ry, we invite members to our second Annual General Meeting of 2019. Due to waiting for the Finnish Patent and Registration Office to clear an exemption for our committee role shifts, this meeting is a bit late of schedule. Still, welcome to discuss and have a say on things related to #Feneas. The meeting agenda is underneath.

Note! Anyone is welcome to join the meeting. Only Feneas members however have voting rights for decisions made.

More details: ... show more


The Fediverse - A decision-making aid

There are four different protocols the #ActivitiPub, #Diaspora and #
... show more

Did Hubzilla drop support of Diaspora? About 6 months or so ago, they were warning that it might finally need to happen.

I think I heard such discussions years ago as well. I think Hubzilla is more about it's own protocol and it's very unique abilities instead of being a hub between the different networks.

Nope, federating with diaspora works just fine, provided both your admin and your channel has enabled it.

@Federated Networks Association @Michael Vogel @alysonsee (Fca)

Privacy, permissions, and online safety are way more important than reach, as has been made perfectly clear in the last several months.

Hubzilla provides federation with ActivityPub, Diaspora, Zot, and OStatus. The OP is lax in their fact checking. By default Hubzilla uses Zot which is years ahead of ActivityPub in these online safety areas. I think a decision was made to prefer safety to popularity and attempt to keep people safe by default. You lose this safety when you federate with projects that don't have the same value system.

Zap is Zot only and IMO currently provides the best online safety, precisely because it does not federate. My goal is to bring these capabilities to Osada and therefore ActivityPub, if I am able.

ServerInfo / ServiceInfo?

Some follow-up thoughts about `ServerInfo` (or maybe `ServiceInfo`? 🤔) in the #Feneas forum:

Comments, ideas, critique, improvements and general participation welcome!

#federation #fediverse #thefederation #activitypub #diaspora #zot #ostatus #matrix #xmpp

Hello universe! It's been a while ^_^

I had a life transition, been busy with it, didn't have much time for computer work. But the project is very much alive!

@criztovyl is working on federation in GitLab CE. I'm working on Push activities in Vervis, which will be auto-generated from VCS pushes.

The spec documents are still waiting for me to give them lots of love, but here they are. The vocabulary spec is the interesting part right now.

Thx 4 all the ❤


Looking for Finnish Fediverse people

Re-posting a message from @Jonne Arjoranta :headbanger: in our chatroom. He is looking for #Finnish people in the #Fediverse - make contact if you're interested in joining the effort!

Hey everyone! I'm planning on spinning up a sister/child association for Feneas to support the Finnish language Fediverse. It would at least run, and Would someone active in Feneas be willing to sit on the board? I would like to make sure that we collaborate with Feneas. It would probably make sense if they spoke Finnish.

#finland #suomi