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Next week during # @liaizon @lidia_p @320x200 and me are hosting a few workshops to introduce people to the fediverse.

"Welcome to the Federation" is a workshop and Q&A session for people new to or already part of the #. We will cover concepts such as the server-client model; on-line federation; discussions of different servers and communities; and last but not least allow those new to the idea to sign up on the Fediverse. The workshops also deal with how to run or join a Fediverse community, the challenges of federated social networking, and the wider impact the Fediverse has on free software production and its culture. The workshops are meant to be informal and semi-structured to allow for different levels of engagement and experience from the participants, but will nonetheless offer a high level of understanding."

If you're a new dev or an old one, pleroma is a welcoming project. Don't be afraid, we like all contributions!

NLNet @NGIZero has approved funding for # !

There are many potential tasks and related projects that haven't been taken by anyone yet. This is an amazing chance to get funded for working on an awesome free software and decentralized internet project!

ForgeFed work and funding plan:

If there's a task you'd like to grab/suggest/discuss, please comment here 🙂

Oh btw our first spec draft release is coming soon 😍😍😍


Ohai there, friends! Sorry for the bit of silence in the last couple of months, we don't like that either, so we figured it's time to make some noise! A few moments ago, we merged the API branch into develop, which means that starting now, all pods on the develop branch support the new, fancy API!

Note that this is not a stable release yet. Until diaspora* i
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Speedup from Release to Release

Hi Friendica developers and contributors,

I just wanted to mention that the friendica is gaining speed every time a new version is released. I'm watching that since several years now and I am very happy about that. I know this has several reasons, like the restructuring of the database, the code cleanup and the philosophy you are working on how the code will be structured now and in the future.

So, thank you for all the work you have done and all the smart decisions you made, that brought us to this Friendica version we are now. 🌻
This is a really great platform and community. 🎊🎉🚀

!Friendica Support

# # #

Hola Fedivers!

Quin goig anunciar que la #FediConf2020 se celebrarà a La Lleialtat Santsenca del 25 al 27 de setembre.

¡Hola Fediverso!

Qué alegría anunciar que la #FediConf2020 se celebrará en la Lleialtat Santsenca del 25 al 27 de septiembre.

Hi Fediverse!

What a joy to announce that the #FediConf2020 will take place at la Lleialtat Santsenca from 25th to 27th Septembre.

#FediConf #Fediverse #Fediverso #DecentralizeAll

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#fediverse in 2019

In 2019 the number of fediversed registered accounts increased from 2.500.000 users to roughly 4.300.000 – about 🎉 1.800.000 newcome

Five networks growing most rapidly in online server numbers in 2019 were:

#Pleroma +182
#Mastodon +159
#Writefreely +147
#Pixelfed +73
#Peertube +63

Invoices for #Feneas memberships for 2020 sent! If you didn't receive one, but think you should be a member, please do contact us. The funds from membership fees are what enables us to run the various services.

If you are not a member but want to support Feneas, you can join here or become a patron.

A big thank you to the members and patrons for their support! <3

ForgeFed needs your help!


There is a fairly critical design detail for #Forgefed in discussion which
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Reminds me of the discussion inside domain name registries: should the handle of a contact be chosen by the client or by the server? :-}

I find the current situation where we have #federated social media but not federated social #forge platforms highly annoying. #
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You can now watch the ActivityPub Conf talks on PeerTube!

The world's first conference for ActivityPub took place in Prague back in September this year. Billed itself as "A conference about the present and future of ActivityPub, the world’s leading federated social web standard", this served as a golden opportunity for im
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Hey all,

A while ago, my publication, #WeDistribute, got picked up by Feneas, and now serves as the organization's official publication.

This is all well and good: I get to keep writing articles, and figure out how to turn this whole thing into something more than a one-man project.

The writing team is still very small right now, and I'm putting together guidelines for contributing. I would love nothing more than to see other people who are passionate about the fediverse and decentralized communication tech come on board to help provide news coverage, tutorials, technical explainers, interviews, and editorials.

If you think you're up for the challenge, please apply here: