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Feneas annual winter meeting January 2019

> The Federated Networks Association invites its members to an annual winter meeting as set in the rules. The meeting will be held on Sunday the 27th of January, 2019 at 6pm UTC.



ActivityPub? Well, it’s not that bad

> This is an answer to the blog post ActivityPub – one protocol to rule them all? of Dennis Schubert. Dennis was asked if Diaspora would implement ActivityPub, this blog post was his answer.

#activitypub #diaspora #federation


Federation Testsuite

Currently the federated web holds 35 projects with 9 different protocols (source: all trying to connect and communicate with each other. But does that actually work? Most of the projects do have unit testing but only for certain areas, like the front-end or the database, but the protocol itself isn't tested. Well it definitely works-on-my-machine but does it work on others too?

#Fediverse #Federation #testsuite #Feneas #diaspora #ActivityPub
Does that use @Senya work?

For those who are going to #FOSDEM and want to volunteer at the #Decentralized #Internet & #Privacy devroom - check this:


Jolly good holidays to all fedizens of #Fediverse ❄️

(Left-to-right: #Mastodon #diaspora #GangGo #PeerTube #Hubzilla #Friendica #Socialhome #Funkwhale #Misskey #GNUsocial , and behind the scenes all the other wonderful projects that don't have mascots yet :)
Oh well.. Friendica didn't had a mascot, until now I think :-D

From site:
Nextcloud Social is a new app in alpha testing! It is currently developing deeper ActivityPub integration so you can connect with other federated social networks: Hubzilla, Mastodon, Pleroma, Peertube, PixelFed. Diaspora* protocol will add support for SocialHome and others! This kind of integration has been discussed many times!
#nextcloud #network #mastodon #diaspora #federation #testing #peertube #pixelfed #hubzilla


diaspora\* version released!

As scheduled, a new minor release is now released. Over the past six weeks, we have managed to collect 86 commits made by 8 contributors for this minor release.

A huge thanks to all the contributors from diaspora*'s amazing community! If you want to help make diaspora* even better, please
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- #Pterotype: #WordPress #plugin that gives your #blog an #ActivityPub #feed

Pterotype makes your blog look like a Mastodon/Pleroma/whatever account to users on those platforms. So, if you install Pterotype on your blog, Mastodon users will be able to search for

This is meant to be a graduated user level glossary for the federated indieweb and fediverse space.

It will be updated only occasionally now.


Updates since launch

A few months have passed with #Feneas. Here is a small update on things we have been doing or are planning to do, including a financial statement.

Ps. Follow us here on our #Friendica instance!