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Gajim Flatpak

If you are interested in using the Flatpak version of the Gajim XMPP client I would like to recommend the following read:

It describes how you can easily install the OMEMO (or GPG) Plugin via flatpak as well.

Frio Dark Mode

I've just been playing with CSS media queries for system themes dark mode. These queries check for system wide dark mode being active. This is supported in Firefox (> v.67), Chrome (> v.76) and Safari and it's really easy to implement. My tweaks are far from being finished but work quite well already:

@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {
    … style definitions follow here …


To test it in Firefox you maybe have to tweak about:config:
Create an integer setting named ui.systemUsesDarkTheme with value 1.

On Firefox for Android there's already a setting in about:config. Just change it's value from -1 to 1.



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